Monday, November 05, 2007

It this a dream or am I really in a high stakes golf match with Phil Ivey, Eric Lindgren and Howard Lederer at the Capitol Golf Club in beautiful Australia? It is hard to believe that what started as a small group of poker playing bloggers has brought me to this point.

As I waiting to tee off on the ninth hole, my mind drifted back to the Full Tilt Battle of the Bloggers Tournament of Champions. The tournament was only for people with poker blogs with the winner receiving an unbelievable Aussie Millions tournament package from Full Tilt.

Flash back to the TOC ...

Being a TOC, it was a star-studded field. I played my normal tight game and managed to limp to the final table. The final table was as talented as any that I have ever played with. It consisted of.

Seat 1 – Surflexus (One of my best friends from high school)
Seat 2 – Highonpoker
Seat 3 – Gcox25
Seat 4 – TripJax
Seat 5 – Katitude
Seat 6 – Hoyazo
Seat 7 – This was where I was seated
Seat 8 – Mookie
Seat 9 – AlCantHang

I was short stacked when the final table began but managed to triple up very quickly when I caught pocket Jacks and they held up, that win gave me a little breathing room. I have played with these guys (and girl) on many occasions so I was very surprised at the tight play; this tournament just had a different feel. As time went on one by one, players began to fall. There were a few rough beats, but for the most part it was just solid play. I won’t bore you with hand recaps but there was one hand that changed the course of the tournament that I will share. We were down to three players, Myself, Surflexus and Mookie. I was the short stack. I was dealt A 8 in the Big Blind; Mookie was first to act and made a considerable raise, Surf folded. With the blinds being so large, I decided to push all in. Mookie instantly called and turns over pocket 10s. I’m thinking, there goes my shot at Australia. The flop comes Q, J, 9, the turn is an 8 giving Mookie the nutt straight. I almost passed out when one of the two remaining 10s fell on the river to counterfeit his straight and give me a split.

I rightfully should have been out of the tournament but after that hand, I couldn't lose. In the next 10 hands I caught pocket Aces twice and pocket Kings once, winning huge pots each time. It came down to me and my great friend Surflexus, but the cards went cold for him at the wrong time and I won! Australia HERE I COME !!!!

The flight to Australia was prefect. When I arrived at the Crown Casino and Resort, I was taken back at the beauty of this facility. To say it was first class is an understatement.

While I looked forward to playing in the Aussie Million, I couldn't wait to play in the $200 buy in bounty tournament sponsored by Full Tilt on first night. It was only for the people who won trips and the Full Tilt pros. My first table I was seated with Phil Ivey. I tried to act cool but I am sure that my nerves were showing. At one point Phil asked if I played golf, he must have noticed that I used a golf tee as a card protector for good luck. I told him that I was an 8 handicap and that I played regularly. He told me that they had an opening in their foursome the following morning if I would like to join. Are you kidding me ???? Of course I would like to join.

Back to the ninth hole, Phil and I are up a considerable amount on Howard and Erick. I stripe another drive down the middle and all I can think is, does it get any better than this? Sure it can, I still have the Aussie Millions to play for!


Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Whatever donkey! You totally sucked out on me to win the TOC! Stupid fictional tournaments!

1:02 PM  
Blogger Craig Cunningham said...

Can't believe you busted me on a runner-runner two pair on the FT bubble!

2:24 PM  
Blogger KajaPoker said...

holy crap, I didn't know you were loco. I mean local. Just found that out. Send me an e-mail to (kajagugu (hat) bellsouth don't net), so I can add you to my home game invites. You going to make it to skidoo's on the 14th? Villa Rica is quite the trek. You might almost be considered a bama-blogger. But you do live close to The Frog....

7:14 AM  
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5:18 AM  
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