Saturday, July 29, 2006

Random Thoughts ...

I had a great Friday/Saturday. Played golf (shot an 83),poker and had some great quality time with my wife.

I played in 2 double shootouts to the million on Stars. I made it through the first table on both, but couldn't close the deal at the second.

If you haven't checked it out, Party is having a "Monster" tournament. Looks like the stakes could be huge.


I would like to thank everyone who takes a moment to look at my blog. I have listed the top 5 referrals for July.

#1 - Mattonpoker
#2 - Dearpokerdiary
#3 - Highonpoker
#4 - Livinglife1dayatatime
#5 - Ccexplore


My Braves appear to be in trouble. The Mets have taken the first two games of the series and they are now 7 out in the wildcard. I am not sure about the trade of Wilson Betimit. He was a solid hitter who played 3 positions well. I hope this does not turn out to be another Jermaine Dye type deal. The Braves decided to trade Jermaine in 1997 to the Royals for Michael Tucker and Keith Lockhart. Lockhart has been out of the league since 2003 and Tucker left the league last year. And if any of you are White Sox fans, you know that Dye was the World Series MVP last season.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rebuy Madness ...

Well, if you truly want to be humbled, bring about 30 bucks and play a $5 rebuy tournament. I played in the DADI last night and left more frustrated than ever. I usually do very well in rebuys. I use my typical tight style and wait for premium starting hands then I push, there is usually a player that is willing to gamble and I usually win the hand. Last night was just the opposite. I got my chips in the middle 5 times with the best hand preflop, I lost all 5. I don't remember a streak like that ever. At least I helped out a couple of my buds, Jordan and Brian both doubled from me. But hey that's what makes rebuys fun.

I would like to thanks Jason and Jordan for putting on the DADI. As far as I am concerned, it is the highlight of the blogger tournaments.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You Dont Want to Miss This One ...

Sign up for the best blogger rebuy tournament in history!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

And The Bubble Boy Award Goes To .....

I played in the Hoy last night. It was a very weird tournament. My stats for the night showed that I was tight, I'm talking GCox tight. The tournament started pretty good for me and I stayed in the top 5 in chips until the final table. I did this by catching good cards when others also caught good cards. Once I hit the final table I went through about a 45 minute period where I folded every single hand.

My final stats were - Flops Seen = 14. 14 ??? That's uber tight!. The funny thing was out of the 14 hands I played I know that I bluffed to win 2 of those pots.

You want another stunning statistic. Until the hand that I was knocked out on, I had won all 13 hands that I had played. 13 hands played, 13 wins. That has never happened to me.


Now we come to the hand that knocked me out. Four handed (3 got paid), I was on the short stack. I am FINALLY dealt a hand (A-Q) so I push and MiamiDon pushed over the top, the other two fold. He turns over pocket 7s.

As soon as the cards are shown, Brian (23skidoo) says, "I folded K-7"

The flop comes A x x rainbow. No flush draws, no straight draws, no nothing. The turn is another blank. At this point I am about a 95% favorite. No way he's going to catch the case 7 ..... right ??????

Well we all know that it is not called "RIVER STARS" for nothing because, yes you guessed it, the case 7 comes on the river.

Don has taken some brutal beats lately so he deserved to come out on the good end. Nice hand Don.

I got to say great job by 23skidoo. He was dominate from the start. Good job my friend.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I Joined a New Group ....

I happened onto a site called The Gamblers Edge. As I was reading the content in the forum, I noticed that they were having a tournament on Stars so I signed up for it. I was a small (14 players/top 3 got paid) but tough field. When we got to three handed I was on the short stack but managed to donk my way to a win.

Early on as I began to amass a pretty decent chip lead, many of the players were saying "we can't let the rookie win". While it was my first tournament with those guys, it felt odd being called a rookie.

I wanted to give a shout out to calliballin (finished 2nd) and simpleandy (finished 3rd) for making me feel welcome.

I also wanted to thank bagz for hosting the event. There were bounties as well as a 2k bad beat jackpot available.

I know that many of you participate in other poker forums, you might want to check this one out.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another Solid Finish...

I have been on a pretty solid MTT run lately. In addition to the multis that I posted below, I played in a $20, 180 player sng on Tuesday. I was in very solid position when I took one of those "THIS SITE IS RIGGED" beats and finished in 20th (2 spots out of the money)

I decided to give it another try tonight, and I am happy to report that I finished 3rd. That was good for $428 dollars.


PokerStars Tournament #28444153, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $20.00/$2.00
180 players
Total Prize Pool: $3600.00
Tournament started - 2006/07/20 - 17:49:33 (ET)

Dear mowenumdown,
You finished the tournament in 3rd place.
A $428.40 award has been credited to your Real Money account.


I would like to thank Brian, Chris and Matt for railing me through. It means a great deal to have the support.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Decent Multi Night ....

I had a pretty solid run in two multis on Stars (at the same time) last night.

First, I finished 18th in the $10 pot limit Holdem. There were 261 players.

And as I type this, I almost to the 5th hour of the $3 rebuy. We started this one with 1832 players and we are now down to 105. I was around 100k but took a pretty bad beat and now I only have 42k. But I have a chip and a chair so I only need a few good hands to be a factor. I'll update this later.

EDIT - Got knocked out in 96th to a runner runner flush. Cahsed in both though, all in all just a few hands away from a decent payday.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another Great Show by Mookie ....

If you don't play in the Mookie, you should have your wireless connection permanently disabled. He runs a great tournament and post one of the best recaps I have seen.

I was looking to continue my hot streak in blogger tournaments and it appeared that I had a good chance of finishing ITM. That was until I made the donkish play of thinking that my AQ was better than CCs mystery re-raise hand. How dare he re-raise me, I'll show him by pushing all my chips in. Wellllllll, that plan didn't work too good when his pocket 7s held up to send me to the rail. He made good use of my chips and finished ITM. Good job CC. Anyway, I finished around 20th.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday at the Hoy ....

I played in the Monday at the Hoy last night. As always in a blogger tournament you really don't know what to expect. The field in each blogger tournament is so strong, that to make the money is a challenge. So to say that I am happy with my win last night is an understatement. I was short stacked for much of the tournament, early on I was 13th of 16. But I caught a few hands at the right time and chipped up slowly. When we were 3 handed I did have a miracle suckout on AJBurns (my pocket 8s beat his pocket Js). But he paid me back a few hands later.

Heads up I was against jeciimd, I don't remember playing against him before but he was very solid. The hand that I took command on was one of those dream flops. I flopped the nutt straight and he had trips. That was really bad timing for him.

This win was especially sweet, I had finished as the runner up in the last two blogger tournaments (The Mookie and The Not). And while second place is nothing to be ashamed of, I began to doubt my heads up play.

Thanks again to Hoyazo for hosting the event.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Anna Kournikova ....

How many times have you looked at your cards only to see this beautiful hand looking back at you? Numerically, it's one of the best hands in poker. The odds of catching A K suited is 331 to 1, for A K off suit it's 110 to 1. The odds of catching pocket Aces is 220 to 1.

My question is why does a hand that is so rare, break so many hearts?

The answer may lie in the way that we play it.

Each person has their way of playing BS. I have to admit at times, I have fallen deep in love with Big Slick. Should you push? Should you make the standard 3x the BB raise? Should you raise 5 or 6x the BB to knock out all limpers?

I don't fault any of the above plays, but my philosophy has changed about the way that I look at BS. Below is the way that I typically play BIG SLICK in multis.

*** Short stacked (anything 30% below the average chip stack)

I push in any position. No questions asked. At this point the blinds are eating away at your stack and there are only 2 hands that dominate you.

*** Mid stack (anything around the average, I can cover more than 2/3 of my table)

This decision requires more thought. If I'm in the EP, I want to weed out any and all limpers. Based on the play of my table I might just make a raise a 3x the BB to get a feel for what type hands are out there. If I have a tight table I might try to take it down without a flop by making a larger raise. My motto has always been "I would rather win a small pot than to lose a large one". If I have any callers and miss the flop I have to rely on instinct and table history. But I have to keep in mind that my opponent had something that he felt good enough to risk more of his chips on and at this time I have Ace high.

In the LP of a raised pot, PROCEED WITH CAUTION! This is where the love of Big Slick can make you lose sleep. I will usually just call at a full table. You have to give your opponent credit for a hand. Even if it's a pair of 2s, he's going to beat you almost 60% of the time.

In the LP with 2 callers or less, I want to build this pot. I will raise this pot 3x the BB. I love it when the SB thinks that you are trying to steal and reraises you. When this happens, I almost always push.

*** Large stack (you are the big guy at your table)

The best position to be in, you can use your chip advantage to push people around. I will usually reraise any preflop raise. My goal is to put them all in. A high percentage of the time they are pushing with any Ace and as you know, Ax is dominated by Big Slick.

The key thing in each of these scenieros is to remeber that AK is not an unbeatable hand. If the flop doesnt hit you don't be afraid to fold and live to battle another day. Ace high is not going to win alot of pots.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Fun Night of Poker ...

As I have had time to reflect my runner up finish in last nights "The Not" blogger tournament hosted by darval, I must say that if I had to finish second, I'm glad that it was to Mookie. He played great and battled his way back from (if I remember correctly) approx. 600 chips when we were 6 handed.

When we were 3 handed, it appeard that Hacker and I might have a rematch from our heads up battle in this weeks Mookie. Mookie began the 3 handed session with a big chip disatvantage but won a couple of pivotal pots to chip up. Soon after, Mookie took hacker out to set up our heads up battle. For heads up, it was a marathon (I think we played close to 20 hands). The final hand went just as I planned (except for the result).

Mookie had me covered by about 3k and was consistently raising my SB if I limped. I am dealt A,Q. No doubt that I want all my chips in the middle here but I want more than his blind. I smooth call, with the hope that he will continue to come over the top. He does, he raises 3600, I push, he calls. He turns over K8 os. At this point I am in pretty good position but since this is the last hand, you know the rest of the story. I made both the right read and the right play. There is nothing more that I could do.

But I will say this, we all served out time in the "bad beat seat". I laid two brutal beats on Mookie. There was a streak of 5 hands where the pre-flop favorite only held up once.

I, like most players, will sometimes steam when I go through a bad beat. But I will contend that it is nearly impossible to money in a large event without winning at least one (or more) hand(s) that you shouldn't have. So you just have to roll with the punches.

Congrats Mookie, my hats off to you.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thanks to Mookie ....

I wanted to take a moment and thank Mookie for hosting his weekly tournament. Not because I managed to place second last night, but because I know the time it takes to do an event like he does.

I don't recall much about my play. There are only two hands that I recall, one was where I held pocket 5s and the flop comes x 5 5. Once I showed my quads, the DQB chant began at our table.

The other hand was bad timing on my part, the second hand of heads up we were basically even in chips, I decided to play the hammer hard. I hadn't played it all night, why the urge came over me I will never know, but I lost about 2/3 of my chips before I turned it lose.

During the Mookie, I was also playing the $3 rebuy. I managed a 130th place finish out of 2300. I got 8x my buy in so not bad. I was up to 90k in chips and was dealt AK, of course I raise (I think it was 4x the BB ($12k)). The BB comes over the top and to call I would be all in. There are only 2 hands that I am a huge dog AA and KK. This is the best hand that I have seen in over 45 mins, so thinking that I am a coin flip at worse I call and of course he has Aces. Looking back now it was a horrible call, but we all have our donkish moments.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Tide is Turning .....

My return to the virtual felt has been some what painful, or maybe bitter sweet is the better adjective to describe it. The first night back couldn't have started any better, I won a 45 player SNG to pad my diminished bank roll. I followed that up with 2 more solid finishes in 45 player SNGs (2nd and 6th).

But then came the WWdn. I struggled early and was below average for much of the first hour and a half. I finally caught a few nice winners and chipped up to 5K. The last hand for me was Big Slick, It went like most, I raise 3x the BB then the chip leader comes over the top and I'm all in. To my surprise he turns over 10 Q os. We were down to 10 players (9 got paid) so I think he thought that I would fold my hand in order to make the money. I was elated, that was until he caught a Q on the river.

Fast forward to the DADI. Once again, I battled the first hour to keep my head above water, caught a few nice hands and had my sights set on making the money. I was up to 5k in chips and the same thing as above happened. AK loses to Q 10 os again !!!!

The good news is, I think that the tide has turned, I had a very good day today (up $150+).

The thing that I take from this is that we all serve our time in the bad beat seat. As long as we play this wonderful game, IT IS going to happen. This is the only game that I know that you can do everything right and still lose. So for those of you going through a streak like I have been in, keep plugging.