Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fantasy Football ... Blogger Style

I have set up a league for us on Yahoo. So far, we have 8 bloggers who want to play. It is a 12 team league, so I have room for 4 more. The details are below.

Draft Date = Sunday 08/20 at 7:00 est.
12 team head to head.
$10 per team (you can transfer it to me once we get the league full)
Winner take all.

The people who are in so far:

Miami Don

If you are interested, leave me a message with your email.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Yes, I am a bit proud ....

There was nothing that could prepare me for the joy that my grand-daughter has brought to my wife and I. She is almost 6 months old now and already has me wrapped.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fantasy Football ... Blogger Style

I wanted to see who would be interested in participating in a Fantasy Football league.

I will set up everything and we can discuss how much money we want to play for.

If your interested, leave a post with your email and I will send you the details.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Fathers Day

First off, a belated Happy Fathers day to all the poker playing dads out there. I hope you had as good o a day as I did.

I had something happen that has never happened before. My son, who turned 20 in May, bought me a fathers day present all on his own. I am divorced from his mother and in the past she would not assist him (or allow him) when he wanted to get me something.

The day was set up to be a great one without the gift. He lives about 2 hours away from me but he drove down and spent the night at my house. The next morning, we awoke very early to play in a father/son golf tournament. Just before we left the house for the course, he said "Happy Fathers Day" and handed me a new tie. I have ties from all over the world, but trust me, I now have a new "favorite tie". I know, your thinking that I have lost it, but the fact that he thought of me made my day.

After my son left for his home I began to think ... do I do and say those things enough to show my dad how much I love and appreciate him? So while my dad will probably never read this I wanted to share a few thoughts about the single biggest influence in my life and the one who made me ... me. My dad.

My father is a miracle in may ways. He was born with cerebral palsy, so sever was the palsy that the doctor said that he would not be able to walk. At a young age he was fitted for leg braces that permitted him to walk but the children at his school made fun of him so he was determined to walk without them. He worked and worked until the braces were no longer needed.

The palsy affected his body in ways that most of us can not comprehend. It almost destroyed his right side. His right hand is crippled so he has limited use of it and it also weakened his right leg so he walks with a limp.

Those are the things that a person who walks by him would notice. But once you get to know him, he is truly amazing. Below are a few things that I admire.

** He is 63 years old and has worked with the same company for 44 years, and to my knowledge, has never used a sick day.

** While he could easily apply for and receive disability (he has glaucoma as well as the palsy), he doesn't see his self as "disabled". This is refreshing to see in this day and age when you have people on disability playing golf every week.

** When he goes shopping, he parks as far away from the handicap parking as he can. He said he wants to save those spaces for someone who needs it. (Even though I had to take him to the emergency room a few months ago. The palsy causes him sever pain in his right ankle).

** I can honestly say, that I have never seen him mad or say a cross word to anyone.

The thing that I admire most was the fact that when he and my mother divorced (I was 6) he raised me by his self. And even though my mother didn't have much to do with me, I never felt like I was missing anything. He wouldn't allow that to happen.

Happy Fathers day Dad!

Thanks to BrianMc

Thanks to Brian for hosting a home game for a motley crew of Atlanta bloggers. The players were Brian, Surflexus, 23Skidoo, Rags and myself. We played a couple of games and as you know, each of the players listed is an experienced player so needless to say, we had a blast.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Play against the best. Sign up today.

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 8812105

Monday, June 12, 2006

Back In The Saddle !!!

As many of you know, I have been taking a break away from the virtual felt while I enjoyed my time off of work. I am back to my regular work life of driving from city to city and playing poker all night in my hotel room. I should begin posting my deep (yeah right) poker content on a more regular basis.

While I have not played regularly, I have continued to read many of your blogs. I am impressed with many of the new guys (and gals) as well as the old guards. I hate that I missed okie-vegas but I will make the next one.

------- POKER UPDATE -------

Tonight, I christened my Cullman Alabama hotel room with a win in a $11 turbo 45 player NLH! A nice + $143 addition to my bankroll.

Also, as I am writing this post, I am into the second hour of a $10+1 NLH multi. It started with 1,325, we are down to 245 players and I am currently the chip leader.

Maybe I can win more money to donk off to you guys !!!

--- EDIT ---

I got knocked out in 39th with KQ suited. Was getting blinded to death and decided to push and lost to A-6 os. OUCH!