Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm still alive ...

For the last week, the weather has been absolutely beautiful. I have taken advantage of it and completed most of my spring landscaping task at The Joyce Manor. I have also played 162 holes of golf over the last 7 days.


On a poker note, things are going great as well. When I started my break (which is not really a break, just a reduction in my play time), I withdrew all of my bankroll except for 50 bucks on Party. Playing exclusively on 6 player, $1/$2 NL Holdem tables, I have turned that $50 into $421 in a little over a week. I am playing, what I call, power sessions. I sit at a table with the minimum $40 and I don't leave the table till I either double up or lose it all

I miss the camaraderie of the blogger community so I will try to make the blogger tournaments in the future. I will also be on yahoo IM.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Break Time For Me ...

As the temperature rises, my time on the computer goes way down. I will still read and post to my blog, but I will not be playing a lot. I go back on the road with my job in June and that's when I will begin playing regularly again. It's too bad because I have been on quiet a roll but I have rental property as well as my own home to take care of as well as a lot of golf balls to lose.

May all you sessions be winning sessions!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cash Game Strategy ...

I posted last week that I am through with NL cash games, and I am happy to say that my success in the NL cash games continue. I won about 400 bucks tonight playing 1/2 NL cash, using basically my same style that I use for NL tournament play.

I think Doyle Brunson said it best when describing what you need to do to be successful at NL, he said that you have to have a total disregard for money.

I agree totally. I had a hand that really took me to the test tonight. I was on a great run and had taken my initial $40 to over $160. The hand is below:

I am dealt pocket Ks, I make a raise or $20
The guy behind me raises $200.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm, he could have pocket Aces, heck he could even have Ax and catch an A on the board.

If I thought of the money, I would probably fold this hand and keep my winnings. But in a Holdem tournament, would you ever fold pocket Ks preflop? Of course not, well the end of the story was he had p 10s, I went on to win the $365 pot.

Why ME ?????????????????????

Man I have taken some rough ones lately. It has been over 6 months since I hit a payday that included a comma. Thus today's sad sad song. I played in my 2nd $17K Guaranteed tournament on Full Tilt. In this one there were 851 players, the final 6 all get over a grand. I sail through to the money and catch cards at the right time and before I know it I am over 30K with only 42 players left. To my delight, I look down and see rockets. I raise 3x the bb (bb was 1,200) and the only caller was the guy on the BB. The flop comes 10,3,7 rainbow. He pushes so I go over the top and I am all in ready to join the chip leaders. He turns over Q,3 os ????? HE'S JUST PUSHED ALL IN WITH A PAIR OF 3s ???????

The turn is a blank, and yes you guessed it, he hits a 3 on the river.

I did get almost 70 bucks but sometimes I have to ask, WHY ME ????? Once again, every hand that I won I was the favorite going in, no suckouts, just good solid poker. Why do idiots that push all in with a pair of 3s get rewarded ???

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bracket Results

Thanks to all who played.

Congratulations to I Pwn You Jopkers for winning. He receives $70 bucks that he can now donk off on the poker tables. On the bubble was Gary.

The results were as follows:

1) I Pwn You Jopkers - 69
2) original - 61
3) Mowenumdown - 57
4) Surflexus - 55
5) Tripjax - 52
6) HighOnPoker - 49
7) Drewspop - 46

Thanks again to all who participated!

Monday, April 03, 2006

New Strategy ...

My bank roll has grown at a steady pace, but not at the rate that I would prefer. My typical pattern has been, enter a 10 SNG, place in the money, donk off said winnings playing 2/4 limit.

With my NL tournament game going very solid, I decided to try something different. Last week I decided to forget about the 2/4 limit and enter the world 2/4 No Limit. This game is played much closer to those in SNGs. Limit seems to attract every fish who does not know how to press the fold button and seems to suck out with regularity.

So I sat down and started with $90 for my first 2/4 No Limit action, within 8 hands I was over $150. After about 35 mins I had doubled my money and had to take my wife to eat. The next day, I started with $80 and within 30 mins, i was over $150 again. I know that even the best players have losing sessions so mine is coming.

I have seen my last limit ring action!