Thursday, March 30, 2006

Brush With Fame ...

In my last job, I was a District Manager for a major retailer. In that job I regularly hosted meetings and as an ice breaker at introductions, I would have them tell something unique about themselves. One of the things that I would have them do is to tell the group, their "Brush With Fame" This could be any "famous" person that they have met, known etc. I thought this would be a good topic to throw out there to the poker blogland. I would like each of you to give me, your brush with fame.

I have had several, but the famous person that I know best is from the reality TV world. As I have shared with you, I play golf every Saturday. One of the guys in my regular golf group is Brian Heidik, if your like me your saying, whose that??? Trust me, I was the same way until I met him. I don't watch a lot of reality TV. Anyway, Brian was the winner of Survivor Thailand #5 (and no, hes not the gay guy, that was the first one). He is the only one, of all the Survivor series, to never have a vote cast against him. OLN was rerunning all of the Survivor series back in December and I have to admit, it was pretty cool watching a guy that I ride in a golf cart with on TV.

So, let's here your brush with fame!

Therapeutic Rant ...

I am not one who usually rants about losing. I mean all good (and bad) players have lost on hands where they were huge favorites going in. But I have taken an, let's call them, untimely beat in the last two big tournaments that I have participated in.

First on Tuesday night I got in the guaranteed 17k on Full Tilt. The payouts were very very nice with the top 5 getting over a grand and over 4k to the winner. I maintained a solid stack throughout and with 36 players remaining I was 14th (I had 26k). The first hand after the break a guy in the EP pushed all in with 21k, as you know this is a common practice for a moderate hand who wants to steal the blinds. I had a very callable hand (AQ) so I was faced with the decision, either I will be top 3 in chips if I win, or I will be crippled if I lose. I called and figured he had a mid pp, but to my surprise, he flipped over KQ of diams. WOW, not only am I ahead, I have his Q counterfeited. All I have to worry about is a King, right???? I'm counting my chips and on the way to a big payday, that was until the flop came diam,diam,diam. Very anticlimactic, but never the less hard to swallow.

Part II. Mookie had his tournament last night and if you have never played in it you should check out his blog and get in the next one. Anyway, I was coasting along and from the start was top 3 in chips, to tell you the truth, I don't remember losing a pot that I got involved in for the first 45 mins or so. I got moved to the TV table with Tripjax, Katitude, Waffle etc. With 10 players remaining, I was 3rd in chips when the faithful hand occurred. To my delight, I looked at my screen and saw pocket rockets, immediately my mind thinks, slow play or press. I decide against the outright slow play and raise 4x the big blind (raised to 800) everyone folds except for Kat who just calls. The flop comes 10,A,J rainbow JACKPOT! In my mind there were only 4 hands that she would have called 4x the BB, AK, KK, QQ, JJ. Each of which, I had dominated. I place a big bet she raises me all in and I call. I'm expecting her to turn over p Js giving her a set of Js. to my surprise she turns over KQ. Nutt straight, thank you for playing, here's your toaster, don't call us well call you.

As I say, I am not going to call them bad beats, just untimely. As bad as we hate to admit it, luck has a huge part in this crazy game. The following factors have absolutely nothing to do with skill.

1) I was dealt rockets (happens only 1 in 220 hands)
2) Kat was dealt KQ (happens only 1 in 110 hands)
3) Kat had me covered.

I will end this rant with a question, could anyone have folded the hand that I lost to Kat with (trip aces to a rainbow flop)?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Want a chance to play with the pros ???

If you have an account on Full Tilt you can get your chance. The Bustout Bounty Bonanza has at least 4 professionals in it. Last week it was Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Andy Bloch and another guy that I hadn't heard of. If you bust out a pro you get a bounty of at least 50 bucks, bust out the selected pro and receive 100. The buy in is 50+5. The tournament is on Saturday April 1st at 9:00 P.M. est on Full Tilt.

I played in the last one and made the money, as a mater of fact I outlasted all the pros except for Ferguson.

Good Luck

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Silver Anniversary ....

You may have read on Surflexus blog that he and I are soon going to join forces on a power blog. This joint venture started me thinking on just how far that he and I go back. So here is a walk through time ....

First off, you know him as George, I know him as Ernie. You probably don't know, but, he is a Jr. and to me his dad will always be George. So if you hear me call him Ernie you will now know why.

To my best recollection our friendship began forming in 1981, We were both Juniors in high school and I don't know all the details but if I remember correctly, he transferred from Northwest High to Southeast High (where I attended). I had heard of him before because we were both video game junkies.

In that day, the Atari pong games were all you could get at home so game rooms were the rage. There were two game rooms in Dalton Ga., one on the North end of town and another on the South end. I was the king on the South and he ruled the North.

He and I came up with an ideal of forming video game teams at each game room and have a challenge to see who had the best players. We did, and I don't even remember who won, but from that moment on we were the best of friends.

So before we became poker junkies we were both above average video gamers. Back in the day we both held World Records on video games (yes I did say WORLD RECORDS. He once played Star castle for days to set his and I played Q'bert for days to set mine. If the game had a pattern, we would figure it out. We both had numerous media opps with the local media covering our feats. Seventeen years old, local media covering my World Record, man, was that great for my love life!

We would go onto win thousands of dollars in video game contest from Atlanta to Chattanooga, and to have that kind of money as a 17/18 year old was pretty cool. Being from Dalton Georgia, when we would walk into a game room in another town, they would say, "Here's the Dalton gang".

I'll end with a funny story, we were going to Chattanooga for a TRON contest (remember that great movie?) We took a wrong turn and wound up in a very rough part of town, then to top it off the car broke down. I don't remember how we got home but we made it.

Happy 25th anniversary of our friendship E

Another Solid Day ...

With the day off from work I got in a little extra playing yesterday. And in an ironic twist of fate, even though I lost in the first round of the Heads Up Challenge, I have made over 300 bucks this week because of getting in it. How could I do this you ask. Well I had never played on Full Tilt until the HUC, I plunked down 50 bucks to have enough to play the HUC. After getting knocked out I decided to play a few torunies and my bank roll on FT began to grow.

Yesterday I played in 3 multis on FT and cashed in all 3, the highlight was a 4th place finish out of 101 players. I also entered a qualifier to the 40K and I won it giving me the 100+10 buy in for only 10+1.

All was not well as I jumped in a couple of SNGs on Stars with George, Gary, & Jordan and got knocked out pretty early in both. Congrats to Gary for taking 3rd in one of those.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bustout Bounty Bonanza

Surf and I decided to enter a 50+5 on Full Tilt. There are 4 pros participating.

Chris Ferguson
Howard Lederer
Andy Bloch
Steve Zolotow

Both Surf and I have made it to the first break in pretty decent shape. I have 5k and he has 3k. No pro action for either of us yet but they cant run from us all night (hehe).

Ill update later.


Second Break

Good news and bad news, the bad news is Surf took a tough beat with big slick and got knocked out.

The good news is I have over 10k (41st) and a pretty solid game going. Play is very loose so I am playing uber tight right now. I folded p 2s,3s,6s and 9s pre-flop during that hour. I could kick myself on the 2s as I would have flopped a set of deuces but oh well.

I have only seen 11% of the flops, but I have won 90% of those hands.

Went from 250 players to 94 during that hour. The money begins at 63 so I expect play to get much tighter this hour.

Only one pro left and that is Chris Ferguson. I have not had any pro-action yet. I'll give another update later.


Well I'm out in 60th, won $76 bucks. Lost about 1/3 of my stack early in the hour with AJ and went card dead after. Caught a piece of the flop when I was on the BB pushed and it was over. Ferguson is still in but I never got the chance to play with him.

It was fun, I'll definitely do it again.

Thanks to Garth and Surf for railing, it always helps to have a fellow blogger pulling for you.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Thanks again to V for hosting the event. I was in in long enough to have a very small cup of coffee. My match was against Willwonka and it was a back and forth match for a while at one point he had me down to about 500 chips, I hit two all ins in a row to cut him down to 600. We went all in again and I was licking my chops as he was down to an 6% chance of winning and then bang, the 6% comes through. After that he took control and never looked back. He then went on to beat his next opponent to secure our bracket.

Good luck in the next round Willwonka!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Two at a time ....

It was, like Yogi Berra once said, deja-vu all over again. Just like the last WWdn event, in which I had forgotten about it and was saved by a last second i.m. from Chris (i.e. Drewspop), Jordan (i.e. HighonPoker) saved me this week with yet another last second i.m. informing me that the tournament was starting in 60 seconds. I wanted to see if I could make two straight final tables in the star studded WWdn field (finished 2nd in the last one).

I began using my usual tight style, that was till hand number 12. I had K,10 and it was only 20 to call so it was a no brainier. The flop (which 5 people saw) was a dream flop for me 10-10-4. I automatically go into trap mode checking my set of 10s. Psycoma was the next to bet and bet 120 causing everyone else to fold, I just call. I check next, then come over the top with a reraise and we were all in. The turn and river were useless to both of us and she turned over pocket aces. OUCH!

I picked up a few more pots but the next big event for me was in the second hour when I was short stacked and pushed in with A,9 suited. My friend waffle called with A,J. I caught a 9 and I am sure caused waffle to kick his dog or something like that. Anyway, he actually called me a donkey (hey, I resemble that remark). But waffle would get the last laugh busting me out in 12th.

Congrats to David on the win! Great job!

During the WWdn I was also in a 10+1 multi on Party with 999 participants. I managed to dodge the bullets and finished 12th. Pretty nice payday, but I wanted that final table. Thanks to Jordan, Jason, Chris and George for railing and encouraging me.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bracket Challenge Update

The field has been narrowed from 64 down to 16. The scores are very close but some brackets are damaged pretty badly.

The scores are as follows:

mowenumdown - 45
I Pwn You - 45
Original DD - 45
Surflexus - 43
Drewspop - 42
Highonpoker - 41
Tripjax - 36

Looking at the brackets, 3 players have their final 4 intact. I Pwn You, Original DD and Drewspop.

I lost Pitt, Surf lost North Carolina (who was also picked for the finals)and Trip lost Ohio St.

By far the most damaged bracket belongs to Highonpoker. He lost two of his final 4 teams as well as the team that he picked to win it all.

The max possible points for everyone is as follows:

Original DD - 169
I Pwn You - 165
Drewspop - 162
mowenumdown - 153
Tripjax - 148
Surflexus - 139
Highonpoker - 89

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Coming back down ....

Well I seem to be back to earth today. Played in two more 45 player and got 39th in one and 9th in the other.

Friday, March 17, 2006

A week to remember ....

I have had quite a week, highlighted by my second place finish in the WWdn.


PokerStars Tournament #20939391, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
77 players
Total Prize Pool: $770.00
Tournament started - 2006/03/14 - 20:30:00 (ET)

Dear mowenumdown,

You finished the tournament in 2nd place.
A $154.00 award has been credited to your Real Money account.


It is weeks like this that keep me coming back to the poker table. As you know, you have to have a very short memory of the bad weeks and try to suck every think that you can out of the good ones. My only regret is that I was not able to get in the 45 player SNG Challenge that Jordan and Jason are hosting, however I am tracking my points as if I were and the results are below.

Before I go into that, let me give a shout out to Chris "i.e. Drewspop" who is running away with the real SNGC. Very nice playing my friend.

I guess I am left to try to become the sudo SNGC winner. Its kinda like the back seat driver or the Monday morning quarterback.

My results for the week are below.


PokerStars Tournament #21496370, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
45 players
Dear mowenumdown,

You finished the tournament in 3rd place.
A $74.25 award has been credited to your Real Money account.


PokerStars Tournament #21444824, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
45 players
Dear mowenumdown,

You finished the tournament in 3rd place.
A $74.25 award has been credited to your Real Money account.


PokerStars Tournament #21335821, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
45 players
Dear mowenumdown,

You finished the tournament in 2nd place.
A $96.75 award has been credited to your Real Money account.


PokerStars Tournament #21328503, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $10.00/$1.00
45 players
Dear mowenumdown,

You finished the tournament in 7th place.
A $15.75 award has been credited to your Real Money account.


I played in 3 that I didn't place in so through 7 attempts I would have a 2nd, two 3rds and one 7th. That would give me 23 points.

I am sure that the next SNGC (that I will be in), my results will not be this good.

However the week was not all rosey, I managed to lose about $75 bucks playing 2/4 limit.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Get your share of 25k !!!

Bloggers Championship I am registered to play in the
Online Poker Blogger Freeroll
Win your share of $25,000 and a set
of Nevada Jacks poker chips.
Hosted By: Absolute Poker
Sponsored By: Poker Source Online
Registration Code: 65842993

NCAA Bracket Update ...

Thus far, the following are signed up:

Drewspop's Eagles
I Pwn You Jopkes

The deadline is fast approaching .....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I don't want to stop ...

Do you believe in a poker "zone". If there is such a thing, I was in it on Tuesday night. I started by playing a 45 player SNG in which I finished a modest 6th, but hey, I more than doubled my money. Then Chris (Drewspop) logged on and reminded me of the WWDN. I decided that I would try it. There was 77 entrants and when the tourney started, I was getting the cards at the right time. I won with the hammer 3 times in the first hour (and of course showed it each time). I used my normal tight play for about an hour after that. There were two hands that shaped the tournament for me. First was a classic meeting of mammoth hands. I had rockets and had a good feel about slow playing them. I made a small raise and the only caller was Matt. Just like you hope for and Ace comes on the flop and it was a rainbow. I check, Matt checks. A 5 comes on the turn, I bet, Matt raises, I push all in and he calls. Turns out that 5 gave him a set of 5s. That was just bad luck on his part to be going up against a set of aces. The next hand was about 45 minutes later. It was against cfinnn, he had A10 and raised, I pushed all in with big slick. He called and BS held up. That put my stack over 20k.

To make a short story long, I finished in 2nd place and picked up $154.

Here's the best part, during the WWDN, Jordan and Drewspop wanted to get in a 45 player. I decided to get in with them and I got second in that one as well. That is the first time that I remember being on two final tables at the same time.

My donk roll now has a pulse. Thanks to Tripjax, Highonpokr, GCox and Drewspop for cheering me on.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Get your MARCH MADNESS ON !!!!!

The best NCAA Bracket Challenge is here!!!!!

Think us poker players ONLY know poker???

I have set up a private league for poker bloggers only. The information is below:

Go to -

Group ID is - "90867"

Group Name is - "Poker Bloggers"

password is - "hammer"

There is a $10.00 entry fee with the winner taking all. You can transfer your funds to Jason "tripjax" or myself "mowenumdown". Just reply to this message and let me know that your in.

The deadline is Thursday by 12:10 EST.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

True Story ....

Before I share a funny true story I would like to thank all the bloggers who cheered me on in my 20 table multi. I finished 5th winning $230 bucks.

The following is a true story.

It is common knowledge that cops love to sit and watch parking lots of bars at or around closing time. At one such bar in Georgia, the police had busted a drunk driver for four consecutive weekends. The next Saturday night the police took their normal position waiting to arrest another drunk driver. The spot that they sat gave them a great view of the entire parking lot. To no ones suprise, at about 15 minutes till closing time a guy stumbles out of the bar, tries to unlock four different cars before finally finding his own, after falling down, manages to get his door unlocked and fall in his car. After a few more minutes, he cranks the car, turns on his windshield wipers (on a perfectly clear night), pulls the car up about 5 feet and then puts it in reverse and backs up to the original spot. This has went on for a good 15 minutes and the bar is closing so many of the people were beginning to leave. Finally the man manages to pull out and get on the highway, on cue the cops get behind him and blue light him. He drives a few miles and pulls over. The police gave him a breath test and to there amazement, it shows that he's sober. One of the cops tells the him that the machine must be broken and that they were going take him to the police station so they could do a blood sample. The man looks at the cops and says, sir there is nothing wrong with your machine. The cops says what do you mean, the man replies, I'm the Designated Decoy.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Something to try .....

If you get bored, I have a strange, some might say demented, thing that I like to do to help my poker instincts. Let me first say that I don't recommend doing this on large limit tables (after you read this you will see why)

I like to get on a .25/.50 NL table and, after I have been there enough hands to get a feel for the table, I put a post it note on my screen so that I can't see the flop cards. I place my first bet strictly off of my hole cards as well as my read of the players.

Fun Night

I had a blast playing with all of the bloggers last night.


(Hope I didnt leave anyone out)

I wound up bubbling out in the multi that we got into, but congratulations to GCox and Weak for cashing.

All in all I made about 40 bucks, but even if I had lost money, I had a blast. If you guys ever have a chat open please invite me.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Lessons Learned

Over the last 6 months, I have been teaching a friend of mine the basics of how to win money at holdem. I have been impressed to see him go from losing $100 bucks per week to now having winning sessions. He had two major flaws to his game that I will address below.

First, he saw too many flops. His game of choice is $2/4 limit holdem. Seeing too many flops in this game will guarantee you a run of losing sessions. Most winning limit players see between 15 and 25% flops, when I'm at my best, I see about 22% of the flops and win 55%+ of those hands. He was seeing 35 to 45%. I have listed the basic math below.

I see 20% of flops (80 hands per hour = $20 to see those flops)
He was seeing 40% (80 hands per hour = $36 to see those flops)

So as you can see, in a 2 hour session he was losing at least $32 in hands he should not even be involved in. Not to mention, the marginal hands that he would catch a piece of the flop only to be out kicked in the end. The next thing was to define "marginal hands" He (like many fishes) would basically play an ace with anything. He would also call raised pots with small pairs (pockets 8s and less). With a mid/small pocket pair you only have three scenarios that will make a winner.

1 - Hit the set (very low odds)
2 - Hit a flush or straight (even lower odds)
3 - Bluff everyone out (very costly move)

In all three of those situations, you are a longshot to win so fold and get it over with. It never ceases to amaze me when I see someone call an all in with pocket 8s, but I love folks like that (hehe).

He also felt obligated to call a raised pot when he was in the blind. HUGE mistake, unless you have a hand that you would have raised with, you are throwing away money to call a preflop raise. Just humbly kiss that blind good bye and get em next hand.

His other mistake was that he never altered his style. He generally plays very tight which can become very predictable. I taught him that to lose a pot is not always a bad thing. As long as you are trying to get caught bluffing. I have taken down some big pots right after a well timed bluff that went bad.

If you are on a losing skid, see less flops and alter your style.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sit and Go's

I have read several of your post about the ease of making money with the new chip structure on the multis on Party Poker. I have to say that I agree. I haven't been able to play much over the last 3 weeks but I sat down tonight and played 3 of the $20 two table NLH tournies. My results were very solid. A 2nd ($120 winner), a 3rd ($80 winner) and I bubbled out in 5th in the other. The additional chips allow you to bully early and hammer players with big hands later.

With this new format I will be playing much more two table tournies.

*** 03/02 UPDATE - Another 2nd place $120 $$$ ***
*** 03/02 UPDATE - Jumped into a $20, 3 table and finished 5th for another $90 ***



I may have the wrong outlook on this but I really don't like to play in qualifiers. There are tons of them out there but I think that in the long run the good players get shorted by playing in these.

Example - There is a 10+1 qualifier for the 500K on Party Poker. I watched a little of one today that had 110 participants. The top 4 players receive the $200+15 entry fee, thus my problem. With the normal multi payout structure, if you placed first with 110 participants, you would win $297. That's an $82 raise from the $200+15 entry fee you are given.

It may just be me, but I would rather win the cash in a normal multi and pay my way into the tourney.


Sorry for the down time ....

I started a new job in January and have been on the go for the last few weeks. I hope that things have settled down and will allow me to post more often. On a good note I finished 2nd in a 7 CS multi last week, won 400+.