Monday, September 18, 2006

Blogger Fantasy Football - Week 2

Week two of the Blogger Fantasy Football League is now in the books. And the only undefeated team is Mookies Minions, (who I picked to finish last). The fact that only one team is undefeated after two games prove that this league is very close.

General Lee – Team puts up a BBFL record 84 points.

Hoyazo – My how things change. Just last week Hoy was the “team of the week”. This week his team only managed 40 points and my kicker had as many TD passes as his QB did.


GAME 1 – Mowenumdown - 70 over Hornets (Drewspop) - 56

My team followed up last week’s tough loss with a solid performance. Kicker R. Longwell put my team over the top when Minnesota faked a field goal and he completed a TD pass. Dallas WR T. Glenn also had a solid day.

For the Hornets D. McNabb continued his great play putting up 20 points. Unfortunately, his two studs (L. Johnson and A. Gates) were held to 8 points combined.

*** DIFFERENCE IN THE GAME *** The Hornets wide receivers could only muster a combined 10 points compared to 23 by Mows wide outs.

GAME 2 – General Lee – 84 over The Raven – 71

A great game by both teams. Ravens 71 points would have won almost every other game this week. General Lee got HUGE performance from Payton Manning (26 points), as well as Baltimore’s defense (27 points).

For the Raven, his running backs tried to keep him in the game but his wide receivers let him down.

*** DIFFERENCE IN THE GAME *** Tom Brady’s bad game coupled with Payton’s big game was the turning point.

GAME 3 – Waffles – 72 over Floppin Nutz (23skidoo) – 53

Waffles had solid performances from P. Burress, D. Stallworth, R. Lindwell and the Seattle defense. His QB (Bulger) had a rough day but should rebound.

Nutz stud running back L.T. got on track with two rushing TDs, but 8 combined points from his wide receivers proved costly.

*** DIFFERENCE IN THE GAME *** If you compare the combined scores of the 3 WR and 1 TE positions, you see where this game was won. Waffles 26, Nutz 9.

GAME 4 – The Non Blogger – 41 over Surflexus Bigcats – 40

This game went back and forth but the Non Blogger hung on for the win. NB got solid production from her RBs to take the victory.

For Surf, Carson Palmer had a very nice day but only 2 points from his running backs cost him a W.

*** DIFFERENCE IN THE GAME *** Surf must have not read the injury report. Portis did not play as reported but he left him in his lineup. If he had replaced him with his other RB, he would have won by 2 points.

GAME 5 – Mookies Minions – 57 over TripsRight – 50

Mookie is now the only BFFL undefeated team. My apologies to the mook, as I predicted him to finish dead last. His QB (the other Manning) continues to put up pro bowl numbers. Westbrook also found the end zone again. While Mookie is undefeated, he will need to score more to remain that way. His 57 points would have lost to several teams this week.

Trips needs to see more consistent production out of pro bowl TE Tony Gonzales, as well as QB Steve McNair.

*** DIFFERENCE IN THE GAME *** The Eagles basically layed an egg and allowing Manning to pass for 200+ yards in the 4th quarter and overtime. His performance put Mookie over the top.

GAME 6 – Vegas Hurricanes (Miami Don) - (64) over Hoyazo - (40)

WHAT !!!!!!! HOY, the fantasy football legend (in his own mind), I’ll never lose a game, I drafted the best team, AZO…… LOST A GAME ?????? SAY IT ANT SO !!!!!!!!

The Hurricanes got solid performances from L. Coles and S. Graham. It also appears that he made a great pickup with F. Gore.

Hoy had a rough week as his entire team underachieved. I am sure that he will have his team doing 2-a-days this week in order to get them ready for next week.

*** DIFFERENCE IN THE GAME *** Hoys team could only manage a combined 2 TDs while the Hurricanes defense throwed a shutout on Pittsburgh.


Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Finally won one! Woo hoo! I hope to continue! My WRs are my strength along with the TE. RB is weak.

11:19 PM  
Blogger presidentdavelee said...

Great recap, you are right, this league should be very competitive to the end. Good luck next week.

7:10 AM  
Blogger mookie99 said...

Don't worry, your prediction will probably come to pass. I've been extremely lucky to win both games since my receivers suck. Just a matter of time before the horseshoe falls outta my ass.

12:57 PM  
Blogger 23skidoo said...

My biggest question is when do I cut bait with Daunte??? This guy was a world beater 2 years ago, and no one can tell me it was Randy Moss, cause CC is better IMHO. I did some shuffling this week hopefully I can get back on track.

10:27 AM  
Blogger mowenumdown said...

Good questions, I will say this, in a 12 game regualr season you can't wait long.

I have already picked up 2 waiver QBs to replace both of the ones that I drafted.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Did I ever say I wouldn't lose a game? You guys act like it's some kind of crime to believe I have the best team.

For that I will crush you all.

5:15 AM  

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